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Katharina's brand began as a made-to-order label, handcrafting each dress individually for the first 3 years.As we've expanded and now collaborate with manufacturers, our appreciation for the craft of clothing creation remains the same. We are VERY into celebrating this process with our customers. We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge, providing full visibility into our production processes and supply chain.

PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN MADE. Currently, our core range is exclusively manufactured in Sydney, Australia. Katharina personally oversees the collection of these batches, bringing them straight to our studio herself.


Limited Edition

At KLOU, we want you to feel truly one of a kind, because you are! We use predominantly deadstock fabrics, to ensure our collections are super limited edition (as well a these being the best fabrics ever)

Each piece we create carries a sense of exclusivity and rarity so you will always stand out in a crowd- something we find very important! We produce a small run of garments for every collection, and once we sell out of a particular fabric, it's gone forever. Our commitment to slow production is forever; we prioritize quality over quantity and never succumb to the pressures of overproduction.

We want every purchase from Katharina Lou to be a special experience, knowing you are one of a few to own each piece.


Your are our Muse.

Katharina Lou is for every woman.

Our founder Katharina has always found comfort in wearing beautifully crafted pieces that make her feel inspired, confident and supported - like your best friend. With this essence at the brands core, she wishes for every design to make you feel unstoppable, in what ever you set out to do in KLOU.

We are designing clothes for you to bring through every season of the year and life. What you wear for the heartbreak, the career successes, the highs and the lows. We want to dress your mum, your best friend, the person next door and the kind stranger, to make everyone feel empowered and confident in whatever they do. A love letter to every woman.


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