All items 'Made To Order' or 'Custom' can be ordered per size OR you are welcome to send me your measurements so the item can be tailored to your body! This includes hem lengths/ bust measurements or how long you like your shoulder straps to be!

If your measurements don’t fit within my size guide then I have created a custom sizing option that you can enter your measurements in before checkout. Please use the sizing guide below to work out whether your measurements work with my standard sizing, or if custom sizing is a better fit for you!

This is my standard size guide; 


BUST-Relax your stance and measure around the fullest part of your bust.

HIPS-Measure the widest part of your lower body (this should be your bum)

WAIST-Measure around the smallest area of your waist, make sure you aren't breathing in so this measurement isn’t too tight!

LENGTH-Measure from your shoulder point down to your ankle (where a maxi dress would sit) This means I can hem a mini/midi or maxi from this measurement!

UPPER ARM CIRCUMFERENCE-Wrap your measuring tape around the top of your arm (where the elastic for the sleeve would fit) so that we can make sure its not too loose or tight.

WRIST CIRCUMFERENCE- Wrap your measuring tape around your wrist (only need this for long sleeves!)

Katharina Lou was born out of wanting to create a positive impact in the fashion industry, where authenticity, transparency and craftsmanship are at the forefront of every project. I have always found comfort in wearing beautifully crafted pieces that make me feel inspired, confident and supported - like your best friend. Katharina Lou and the community I hope to continue building are exactly that. She’s there for you when you need her most, inspired by the people in my life, who have shaped and supported me. What you wear for the heartbreak, the career successes, the highs and the lows. I hope to dress my mum, my best friend, the person next door and the kind stranger, to make them feel empowered and confident in whatever they do.


As a designer and contributor in this industry, I'm ever conscious of my impact. Prioritising transparency and authenticity in everything I do is key to my personal values and brand. I proudly believe in honest conversations and virtually inviting my community into my studio to see how much it really costs to run a slow fashion label, what conscious waste looks like and how best to minimise it - as best I can. Creating a community and platform for education, shared passion and extravagance is at the core of my label and will always be my priority over consumerism. My hope is to continue designing and making pieces that make people feel empowered, loved, fabulous and heard.