Haoma Was Founded As
A Radical Celebration 🟒
Of Natural Beauty

We are dedicated to utilizing the powers of nature and science to elevate the beauty of the ageing process — while preserving the beauty of the world around us.   

¹ Ageing is a universal phenomenon.

It’s a natural process shared by every living organism on Earth. And yet, this inevitability is something that we have been taught to fear, avoid, and regret.

We believe it's time to change the conversation around aging. Because, despite what we've been told — you actually can turn back the clock.

² It's time to slow it down

Humans age in two ways: chronologically and biologically.

While there is no slowing down the chronological clock, our biological age is a reactive state that can be improved by addressing specific root causes, including: anxiety, stress, dehydration, mineral depletion, and environmental stressors.

³ Healthy skin starts at the root

The HAOMA Skincare Series is a holistic, science-based approach that focuses on regenerating healthy cellular turnover, restoring degraded nutrient density, and resetting overstimulated nervous systems to strengthen the health and vitality of your skin — at any age.

What's important to us:

¹ Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science

Our team of chemists and herbalists combine high-quality, clinically-proven plant ingredients with carefully selected bio-engineered compounds to create powerful and effective formulas.


² Effective & Empathetic

All of our formulas go through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality, potency and safety. We only partner with suppliers who can provide traceable supply chains of CSPO, and we _never_ test on animals.

³ Reforestation Intitiative

Every purchase of a HAOMA product directly plants a tree in a Forest Garden owned and operated by farming families living around the globe.

Backed by science at every step

We pair our proprietary regenerative blend with specific plant and mineral groups that have been clinically proven to combat the effects of the biological aging process on your skin.

Gratitude from you:

"This is one of the best scrubs I’ve ever used.  Just the right amount of exfoliation and moisture to leave your skin smooth and clean.  The scent makes you feel like there is a spa in your shower."

— Aimee A.
Earth Scrub

"I've tried many other products on my sensitive skin (most recently Aesop) and nothing comes close to Haoma. All of the products are above expectations and make my skin the best it's ever been. The face serum is some kind of witchcraft and I'm here for it."

— Geneva T.
Gel Mask

I’ve tried countless products over the years and really just thought nothing would work. Now, I use the entire line of your facial products and it has hydrated and balanced my skin in a way I haven’t seen decades. I even ordered a separate set for travel so I never run out. Thank you so much!

— Todd F.
Face Serum

The CBD Collection

An ancient and complex plant where cannibidols reside. Numerous studies have shown it's stress-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

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The Mycelium Collection

Mineral-rich clays, salts, and micro-algaes deliver the building blocks of healthy skin function in the form of trace minerals.

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